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The Kolbs in southeastern Pennsylvania are mostly the descendants of two German ancestoral lines.  These are separate families, not related in many generations.

       The early Mennonite Kolbs are the descendants of six sons of Dielman Kolb of Wolfsheim.  There are now many thousands of descendants in Pennsylvania and throughout the U.S.A. and Canada.  One brother, Johannes, left Pennsylvania in the 1730’s and settled on the PeeDee River in South Carolina.  There are many Kolbs throughout the South that descend from this brother.

         The descendants of Johannes Adam Kolb of Meckesheim also came to Pennsylvania very early and many settled in northern Montgomery County and some in Lehigh County.  In Montgomery county, the German Reformed congregations of Old Goshenhoppen and New Goshenhoppen and Faulkner’s Swamp all had early Kolbs as members.

          Another Kolb came to Pennsylvania in September 1729 on the ship “Allen”.   He was Hans Casper Kolb.  Hans Casper settled in Bucks County, PA and owned several properties in Pennsylvania,but had moved to Anson County South Carolina by 1753. Some researchers had decided that he was a son of Peter Kolb and a grandson of Dielman Kolb of Wolfsheim; however, he came with Alexander Mack, leader of the German Baptist Brethren and Hans Casper is recorded as being part of that group at Schwarzenau.   So, he was a member of the Brethren church and not Mennonite and pretty surely not a descendant of Dielman Kolb of Wolfsheim.  With our recent DNA tests, we have had confirmation that the DNA of the Hans Casper Kolb descendants does not match the patterns of the descendants of Dielman Kolb.  We also now know that there are many Kolb families who are not related to each other.

      In all cases, the prudent and  careful researcher should use the information found on this site and all others as tentative pending crosschecking with primary sources or well documented sources where the information can be checked for accuracy.

      I welcome additions and corrections.

                                               Glenn Landis

Former  Genealogist for K-K-C Family Assoc.

Secretary’s Note:   Glenn Landis our genealogist and web master passed away on December 1, 2018. This website will be a lasting tribute to his to his dedication to Kolb Family Genealogy and History.

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