Kolb-Kulp-Culp Deaths in Pennsylvania 1906-61

The Pennsylvania Dept. of Health has made information available on Deaths in Pennsylvania for the Period from 1906 to 1961.

The Information presented is the name of the person who died, the date and place of their death and the document number of the death certificate on file.     

The information provided would be sufficient to obtain a non-certified copy of the death certificate for $3.00.  The form for obtaining these documents can be printed from the web site by click on the line below:

this link is dead

I am in the process of extracting the Kolb-Kulp-Culp names from these lists of deaths.

To examine these lists, click on the lines below.

Click here for the 1906-1910 list

Click here for the 1911-1915 list

Click here for the 1916-1920 list