Annual Reunion

93rd Annual Kolb, Kulp, Culp Family Reunion

Sunday June 11th 20223at 12:30 PM

Lower Skippack Mennonite Church

Evansburg and Meetinghouse Roads, near Skippack,

See this Google site for the location:

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Featured Speaker will be:

Robert Douglas “Dutch” Moyer

“Dutch” Moyer is a twenty-five year German teacher, “Best of Europe” Tour Travel Guide and a leading Pennsylvania German historian who has contributed to promoting German-American friendship and cultural understanding.

This Year’s Topic: 

“What is your Kulp Family Legacy?”

In 1535 Mennonites and other Anabaptist Protestants were cruelly executed by Catholics under imperial law (not church law) and their corpses were hung in iron cages on the St Lamberti Catholic Parish church tower in Munster, Germany, to deter others from joining Anabaptist Protestant Reformation. These iron cages still hang at St Lamberti Catholic Parish Church in Munster, Germany today and serve as an important reminder of why our Kulp Family Anabaptist/Mennonite Ancestors gladly accepted William Penn’s offer of religious freedom and farmland in Pennsylvania to escape their religious persecution in Germany and Switzerland. 

On October 6th, 1683 the first German settlers to America arrived in Philadelphia on the boat the Concord. They were twelve Mennonite families from Krefeld, Germany. Today, we celebrate German-American Day on October 6th as a national holiday in honor of these first German immigrants arriving in America. Since they touched down and created Germantown in Pennsylvania, German immigrants and their descendants have had a massive impact on American culture and history. This is part of our Kulp Family Legacy. 

Every man every hour of his life, whether consciously or unconsciously, is making history, and that history either is to his credit or it is not. This year